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If you plan to go to graduate school, be sure to give yourself time to prepare in advance of deadlines. The time frame for applying is usually a year in advance. Check with your graduate schools of interest to make sure you are meeting all deadlines. In some cases, you may need to begin the application process at least two years in advance. Most deadlines for the fall’s entering class are between January and March .

First Steps (Summer before Senior Year) 1. Gather information: Talk to professors, co-workers, employers, and friends. Consult our website , in addition,

other guides like , , Grad . For graduate programs at UNCG go to .

2. Identify individuals whom you are likely to ask to write letters of recommendation for you. Make sure that they are aware of your work and your plans. 3. Prepare a resume or a vita which you can include with your graduate school application and that you can give to your

references. (Never presume that even your closest professors really know your background and skills!)

4. Visit the individual school websites in which you are interested. Make note of what deadlines you have to meet. Ask for information regarding financial aid and the application process. Often the deadline for financial aid is much earlier than the deadline for admission. 5. Make plans to take all standardized tests that will be required of you. Find out when the tests are administered and register. Be sure that you have scheduled a testing date that will allow ample time for your scores to be reported before application deadlines. Contact UNCG’s Counseling and Testing Center located in the Gove Building (336-334-4156) for information regarding test registration. 6. Visit schools in which you are interested, if possible. If you have submitted an application, write an email to the department’s graduate admissions asking to make an appointment and to meet any other professors in whom you are interested. If you have not yet submitted an application, include information about yourself in your email and enclose a resume. 7. Investigate national and other special scholarship or fellowship programs for which you might qualify. Application Process (Fall of Senior Year) 1. Take required standardized tests and report scores to all schools to which you are applying in advance of the deadline. 2. Know the application deadline for admission, with consideration for financial aid for each institution to which you are  Personally talk to your references about your plans so they know why you are applying and what they need to do.  Provide each with a resume or personal statement. Consolidate your schools requests and give them all at the same time your reference. Make it as simple as possible for them to complete.  Request a recommendation at least a month in advance of deadlines. Don’t be bashful about checking that they submitted it–ultimately, it is your responsibility if a letter fails to meet the deadline.  Arrange for your transcripts to be sent well in advance of the deadline.  Submit your application well in advance of the deadline. 4. Prepare to write a personal statement or statement of purpose, as requested by schools you choose. applying. File all financial statements in support of a request for financial aid. 3. Complete applications as early as possible. Be sure to do the following:

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